Digital and Social Media –
More about the relationship and less about the medium.
Content + social engagement = your business growth

The approach to digital and social begins with the consumer. Listen. Ask. Engage. Content needs to be topical and relevant. It’s no longer a one way conversation all about your brand, company news and you, you, you. What are your customers interested in? What are they looking for? We help uncover the answers.

Winning Hearts & Minds

Steres Gaffen Media develops communications plans and content strategies to engage our clients’ key audiences. We look at the big picture and incorporate social media to meet specific business or organizational goals. In a consumer world of tablets, smartphones and wearables, we help companies build social into their business. Listening and joining in on the conversation builds a relationship. Surprising, delighting, and being responsive builds loyalty. By tracking and measuring social and digital media tactics, it informs next steps often beyond communications and into innovation and product development.

Blogger Relations

Digital influencers drive sales. A majority of women, moms in particular, research products, read reviews, blogs and get input from friends to help them make smart purchasing decisions. Steres Gaffen Media aligns like-minded digital influencers with brands to bring third-party credibility to the decision-making process.